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Map for a 2016 (?) Road Trip to Oregon

By way of a lot of places. Map as above.

Would cover 4,600 miles, 11 states, maybe 3.5 weeks. Would hit five national parks, including three I’ve never visited. Mostly as preparation for Alaska 2017. And for the national park checklist. And to learn how to fly fish from maybe a professional guide in Oregon. Camping, but not in the back of the truck this time (tent). What else? More cotton shirts. Leave the laptop and iPad at home? Man, that would be something.


A Map of a Canadian Rockies Road Trip

For no particular reason whatsoever. None. I figure four weeks or so. Maybe four and a half.

No tolls.

Man, but the middle of the country is boring, though. Just looking at that long, straight-ish line makes me shudder. If you ask me, we should collapse the middle of the country. My brother and his family can get out of South Dakota first. Heck, everyone can get out if they want to. We’ll give them two weeks notice. There’s no reason why Wyoming shouldn’t just border Minnesota.


Kitchen Plan II: Revenge of the Kitchen

Kind of hit a setback in the blogging department when my laptop’s video card went south on Friday night and stayed there. Laptop is currently north of here, at a shop, getting fixed. Supposedly. It might be fixed under recall — I’m pressing my thumbs in hopeful anticipation.

Here’s another thought on the kitchen. It’s sort of like the last one, only this time I’ve moved the fridge to the “east” wall as per Krik. Although I’ve sort of lost the pantry in the process (I’m okay with that) and I didn’t move the stove as much further south as recommended (because where it’s positioned here is where the existing external vent and 220-volt outlet are), although I moved it far enough to accommodate an 18-inch base cabinet, which I think was the main concern anyway.

Each square = 6 inches!

I priced the cabinets+doors out at $1,957 at Ikea. I priced out all the hardware and kickplates also, but the total sum is on my laptop, which is north of here. Getting fixed.

Still haven’t had anyone come out to estimate taking out the southeast wall as pictured above. Tomorrow? We’ll see, son. We’ll see.


The Kitchen Plan

I’m nowhere near done taking stuff out of the kitchen — there’s a pile of cabinets still, tiles still, walls full of glue, etc. Anyway. Once all that’s done, though, this is sort of the plan. Comments welcome.

kitchen floor plan

So yeah — it’s not a real detailed plan.

Each square is six inches, the room is 9′ x 14′. The thing marked on the wall on the left side is a glass brick window that starts three feet off the floor and is four feet tall. There’s a normal window above where the sink is. The stove is where the 220-volt outlet is. The sink is the only place that’s currently plumbed (it’s not plumbed for a dishwasher or an ice-making fridge). The little foot-deep box on the right would be a pantry. Currently, the main entry (on the right) is only three feet wide (starts at the bottom of the page). The entry at the southwest corner of the image goes to the basement stairs and door out to the side yard.

It’s kind of an awkward space to design around given that I don’t want to move the plumbing around (this house is sort of a flip, after all). The 1958 kitchen was U-shape sort of. The counters extended another foot from the top along each side. The fridge was on the east side of the page, the stove on the west side. I don’t like the implications of that design for counter space, PLUS, it made it impossible to fit a dishwasher in next to the sink (or anywhere else for that matter without adding another 24 inches of counter-top, which wouldn’t be a horrible idea except that thrift is a virtue here).

The thing at the bottom of the page is a kitchen table — I’m not sure how you could ever get more than three people to sit down at a table in this house no matter what you do. I mean, short of blocking doors or whatever.

I also thought about doing it galley-style where the fridge is at top-right, the dishwasher is left of the sink, and then there’s three and a half feet blank south of that before there’s another run of low cabinets going across, where you’d find the stove. But there was some reason I didn’t like that. Maybe it was because of the fridge being trapped in the corner.

And, yeah, that’s a 25-inch single-tub sink. To preserve more counter space, I figure.

My real estate agent came by on Friday to tell me what to do design-wise. He’s pretty competent, but here’s what he said on the kitchen:

  • Slate tile floor.
  • Run those tiles all the way up to the ceiling on the back wall (!).
  • Bottom cabinets should be dark wood to match the stain of the hardwood in the living room and hallway.
  • Top cabinets should be “stainless” and should incorporate at least a couple horizontal pieces with frosted glass.
  • Granite tile counters (dark/black).
  • Stainless appliances and they don’t have to be the same brand.
  • Make sure the sink is deep.
  • Don’t need to plumb for an ice-maker.
  • Leave the lights (don’t put cans in).


So I guess I’ve put off carrying garbage out of the kitchen long enough for today and, therefore, I say “adios” — or at least type it.