My Last Link to C06 Is Broken

I got my rear window fixed so, with that, it seems there’s no longer any evidence of my having been at C06. (Those photos? I could have just been airbrushed in — anyone with access to PhotoShop can do *that* easily enough.)

More proof: I was at WorldCon yesterday and saw Nancy Kress on a panel. Went up to talk with her afterward and asked how she was doing. Essentially got a “fine” and then saw her blow past me to talk to someone else. She had no idea who I was. At least Gay Haldemann stood there for a minute to let me re-introduce myself.

No. Evidence. I. Was. There.

But maybe it’s better that way.

It’ll be interesting to see how the post-C social scene works out and whom I end up ever talking to again. The NY trip in October and Austin in November should be the remaining lithmus tests. I’m meeting Vince at the convention center this morning, so I’ll put this date down on his permanent record. After a couple years I’ll evaluate everyone’s interaction-with-me density and use that to predict future utility values for other potential anonymous-group-meets-each-other social settings.

And FWIW, I’m so used to using my side-mirrors now that I never look through that rear window anyway. It cost $285, which was a lot less than the $700+ the dealer (and one other company) quoted me. And beyond that — I don’t think there’s anything beyond that.