Re-Write You Are!

Hey, I re-wrote something! I’d be excited about it if I were more confident that the re-write had made it *better*. I managed to cut 25% out of it (7,200 words down to 5,400) and brevity is a *form* of betterness. I hear.

The hard part is that this story has heretofore been known to me as “the mosquito story”. Except now there are no mosquitoes in it. I’m not sure if it works without the mosquitoes. ‘Course, I wasn’t sure it worked *with* them, either. The mosquitoes are dead, long live the mosquito story. Which can’t really be called the mosquito story any more. OTOH, I like the way the word “mosquito” looks.

In other news, I watched the movie A Boy and His Dog last night. It was so-so and left me wondering why it is a super-intelligent dog would *cough* telepathically. I’m open to answers. Jason Robards was quality, though. Don Johnson was — better than the voice of the dog, who sounded like an early prototype of the Knight 2000, but without all the charm and gentle wit.