So my recent fascination with WWII has resulted in the site’s new appearance.
Hopefully it’s offending all the pacifists out there because, clearly, I love war
and consider it the answer to all of life’s problems. Especially alcoholism.

I’m also planning a trip to the Solomon Islands — no joke — so I can go to
Gauadalcanal and hike around in the jungle some. There’s some possibility
of having to learn to SCUBA dive in order to make the most of the trip,
althought that would require me to spend time in the water. That’s not my
natural element.

I’m thinking about getting a Springfield ’03. It’s kind of a pain trying to buy guns in California, most especially when the gun you’re trying to buy isn’t in California. But it sort of looks like the 03s are hard to come by (and that you therefore have to buy it online from someone outside the state and have it shipped to a CA dealer). And I doubt I’d shoot it more than once or twice in my lifetime. But still. For research.

I’ve also bought a lot of books and read the first 50 pages of each of them.
The only one I finished was the one that was 50 pages long. They’ve all been
sort of good, though. I imagine they’re even better when you finish them, but
not with my info-ADD in play. I paid $65 for one of them, about the 1st Marine
Division in WWII. FWIW, it’s the most telling of all the stuff I’ve bought.

Yeah, I guess that’s not worth all that much. I mean, much beyond the $65.