Program Music: An Ode to the Gulf War That I Wrote When I Was 24

This came up on my iPod at work today and it cracked me up. I’m guessing no one else will have the same reaction. Shame. I wrote this while I was taking an honors class on Beethoven my senior year in college. One day we talked about Wellington’s Victory and it sounded like it was a good idea, ergo this:

Schwarzkopf’s Victory (.wav file)
Schwarzkopf’s Victory (.m4a iTunes file)

Here’s the program:

  1. Saddam’s Army Invades Kuwait – 0:00
  2. The U.S. Denounces the Invasion and Vows to Assist the Sovereign Emirate – 0:42
  3. European Allies Proffer Money and Arms to Support the Coalition – 0:54
  4. The Coalition Gathers, SCUDs Fall, the World Awaits – 1:24
  5. The Air Offensive Begins, Things Go Well – 2:15
  6. The 24-Hour Ground War – 3:08
  7. Though Defeated, Saddam Lives to Fight Another Day – 3:51

I sampled real artillery explosions to make it sound more lifelike. Man but I miss ScreamTracker.


(Yes, a colon in the title again.)