The DIY Kitchen Table Project is Done (or Close Enough)

Here’s proof:



It turns out that, size-wise, the table’s more of a writing table than a kitchen table. The idea that two people could eat at this little guy is almost laughable. Oh well. It’s the size that would fit in the allotted space, so I’ll deal with it. The table isn’t for me anyway: it’s for a HUD home that I bought and am refurnishing to flip for a profit, so I’m not too worried.

Things I Like About It:

  • As big a pain as it was to get screws into, the red oak looks really nice; I like the grain and how heavy the thing is.
  • I wasn’t sure about the black paint on the legs, but I like the way it brings the grain out and it ties in pretty well with the rest of my bachelor-quality black furniture.
  • I’m pretty happy with how smooth it is, especially where the two 12-inch boards were glued together for the top.
  • Also happy that it doesn’t wobble — pure luck, but I’ll take it.

Next project is probably a work bench. If I get excited at that point, I’ll build an entertainment center maybe. “Entertainment” may be too strong a word — I’ll build something I can put my TV on, my center channel in, and my receiver under.


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