Movie Review: Sophie Scholl, the Final Days

Best Part: We don’t get to hear a whole lot about the German youth-resistance over here in the states, so it was kind of fun to hear a little about it. (Although I hear there’s a Helmuth Hübener movie currently in production starring Haley Joel Osment — odd.) Plus it had some good in medias res.

Biggest Question: I found the characters’ plot-creating decision-making process questionable:

  • Hurry, we have to get out of here before they catch us!
  • Okay, but I still have some leaflets in the suitcase.
  • Oh — in that case, we should distribute them before leaving.
  • Good idea!

Too Long By: 10 min. — the leaflet distribution scene was a little long (you know they’re going to get caught) and the scene with the dude from Salzburg (Innsbrück?) getting questioned at trial seemed gratuitous.

Haiku Synopsis (in German to avoid spoiling the ending!):

Mädchen und Bruder

Als Verräter verhaftet,

Danach enthauptet.

Additional Complaint Before Stating That I Liked It: Sophie’s character is too perfect, which makes her seem less human, which makes it seem like she isn’t sacrificing so much when she gets, uh, enthauptet.

Final Score: 7/10.