My Sunday Exotic Car Walk, 5/17 Edition

My second weekend of living in Laguna Beach. Here’s what I saw on my walk into town today (ca. 1.3 mi. each way):

Ferarris: 4 (2 NB PCH, 1 SB PCH, 1 Parked PCH)
Maseratis: 2 (1 NB PCH, 1 SB PCH)
Lamborghinis: 1 (NB PCH)
Bentleys: 1 (EB Bluebird Cyn)

Bonus: 3 Dodge Vipers in a row.

To qualify: No cars with MSRP under $100K in manufacturer’s current US-available lineup (thus: no BMW, Lotus, Mercedes, Porsche, et al); mysterious or one-off vehicles that probably retail at over $100K (e.g., Oscar Meyer Wienermobile) may be included at the blog author’s discretion.

As if I’m actually going to do this every week (?!).