Bloody Kansas, Move Day 2 (Holbrook to Dodge City)

That’s right, Kansas. More importantly:

  1. I’ve lost my sunflower seed inner-cheek callous. There will be a few more days of pain as the tissues rebuild.
  2. Got on the road before 6 this morning.
  3. Covered 697 miles today.
  4. If you want to know what a place looks like *right before* it turns into a ghost town, I recommend taking a drive down Main Street in Tucumcari, N.M.
  5. When you put a lot of cattle together in one place, it doesn’t smell very good.
  6. One day I will write a critique of American drivers. It will be entitled Brave Enough to Tailgate, Too Scared to Pass. There will be at least one chapter dedicated to Arizona.
  7. Mileage: 15, 19 (!). The 15 was driving primarily uphill and the 19 primarily downhill. But still. My truck seems to appreciate being given a real truck job to do. It handles the trailer like a champ.
  8. Bought gas in Gallup and Santa Rosa.
  9. Having now been to Dodge City, I realize I may not have given Deadwood enough credit.
  10. I’m surprised by how much of Mexico currently resides in southwestern Kansas.

Behold, the once-wild West!:

Dodge City Boot HillDodge City’s Boot Hill, aka the parking lot next to Applebee’s.

I’m also impressed that New Mexico’s rest area authority is so interested in voice-of-customer data:

We refers to “men”, I imagine.

I didn’t vote. It looked like there were germs on the buttons.