Stuff Bing Thinks Chinese People Say

These are things that Facebook friends of mine wrote on Facebook, but in Chinese, after said things were ran through Bing’s Chinese-English translator.

A large Rose Tea less naughty horse eat hemp threatened to pad Pensol has big hands and all grabbed the hand of horses a little less chanting spanking ~~~ it ~~~ like nonsense? Master trick horse hemp be punished?

*Like* nonsense, but not actual nonsense.

Di lash flies flies, waiters in clap your hands ~~ di nice shout! (But the flies didn’t play good at all?)

To which someone else (on Facebook) responded (in Chinese, per Bing):

Did not hit where is the point? Take fly down enough to make him worship!

I pity the fly.

Successful recent special love, there are a lot of beep-business week and the dog!

An entire *week* of beep-business seems extravagant.

Aunt said, shaken for the success of the iron pestle may also wear embroidered needle.

Worn pointy side out I imagine.

Hopefully I didn’t over-promise on this.