Wednesday — Stormy, with a Chance of National Automobile Museum

The National Weather Service described the winds at and around the Tahoe-area ski resorts on Wednesday as “destructive” and chains were required on every road between Reno and the chairlifts. So, after dropping Argosinu (née Telkontar) off at the airport, going back to the room to sleep another couple hours, showering, packing, finding and using a laundromat, and getting a by-then late lunch at Carl’s Jr., I headed over to the National Automobile Museum in downtown Reno.

I didn’t take a picture of the outside. Also, I’ve gone from having never been to a car museum to having gone to two in two months.

Right, so I didn’t know what to take pictures of inside either. I sort of tried to take “artistic” photos. The lighting was tough, a lot of glare. They had a lot of cars, but almost nothing after 1950. A lot of really old cars. The Ferarri was run during the 1952 through 1955 F1 (or whatever it was called then) seasons. It came in second in the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix. Here are photos of old cars:

IMG_4430 IMG_4437 IMG_4472IMG_4490 national-auto-museumHere’s the Ferrari. I think the art shot almost works for it.

Also third in the 1955 Buenos Aires Grand Prix.

Also third in the 1955 Buenos Aires Grand Prix.

So that’s pretty much the museum. They tell some good stories, every car has a detailed description plate on it, there’s some significant automotive history described there. Probably worth going, depending. Took me 2.5 hours. Cheap metered parking is right outside the front door.

Mit herzlichem Glückwunsch,