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BKD Top 11 Movies

I’d never get up to 100. Eleven seems reasonable enough. 1. Unforgiven 2. Apocalypse Now 3. O Brother Where Art Thou? 4. Black Hawk Down 5. The Incredibles 6. Shawshank Redemption 7. United 93 8. L.A. Confidential 9. Bridge on the River Kwai 10. High Noon 11. Das Leben der Anderen (Lives of Others) I

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AFI Top 100 Movies: Mostly Harmless

So, the American Film Institute put out a revision to it’s 100 Greatest Movies list. They’re wrong about everything of course… Nah, actually, I’m surprised to agree with them as often as I do. They place way more emphasis than they “should” on things like cinematography, groundbreaking technique, and cultural impact. I mean — why

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