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New Look for the Old Blog

Spent a decent part of this weekend installing and then customizing a new theme for the blog. The one upside to WordPress’s growing dominance in the field of blog platforms is the ubiquity of free, available themes. The one downside is that, for the most part, the themes usually leave a lot to be desired

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New Year, New Robot Friend

Look at him go!: Pros: My carpets get reasonably vacuumed without me doing anything beyond pressing a button. Doesn’t try to talk to the TV. Finds corners I didn’t think it could find. Quietest vacuum cleaner I’ve ever heard. Doesn’t break when it hits a wall. Has a gentle soul. Cons: Seems aloof, doesn’t respond

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With MUZAK, Nothing’s Sacred

While at IHoP in Murray, Utah three weeks ago, they played New Order’s “Age of Consent” over the PA. I thought I was the only person who’d ever heard that song before (or close enough). How does New Order back-catalog become part of 80s-themed MUZAK? It felt like sacrilege. bkd

Renting the Jeep Wrangler on Kauai

Pros: Strikes impressive pose against red-clay graveyard backdrops. Complete inability to effectively lock vehicle (you can’t lock the zippers and velcro that keep the top on) enforces devil-may-care attitude regarding stuff. Has an AUX jack for your iPod. “When you’re driving behind a Kia and the Kia makes it through the flooded road all right,

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