You Know the World’s Becoming a Better Place When…

The people who deliver the yellow pages books stop leaving them at your doorstep and instead drop them off within six feet of your recycling bin.

yellow pages recycling bin

Out of gratitude for their astonishing courtesy I was tempted to, like, keep this one. But how often do you get the opportunity to throw away yellow pages as quickly and conveniently as *this*?!



  • Kenc

    better keep it — you never know when you will need it for information about your local businesses…..

  • bkdunn

    Wow — now even the Yellow Pages has it’s own industry shills? Interesting. Yellow Pages are junk mail with a different delivery format. If I want your product, I’LL ASK FOR IT. Stop dumping your garbage on my doorstep — I don’t see how that’s even legal.

    There are better information delivery mechanisms available and, whether the general public realizes it yet or not, physical phone books are obsolete. I’m guessing the masses will figure it out eventually. And if you’re going to use my comments to shill for your industry, at least cite the study in question and link out to where it can be reviewed for statistical relevancy.