Some Blogger/Columnist Loses Faith in Romney after 60 Minutes Appearance

Dude, all you’re really saying is that you hadn’t been following Romney’s campaign. The only thing that changed Sunday was that you watched a TV show where they talked about everything that everyone who already knows anything about his campaign already knows. How can you feel like this was a revelation to you?

I don’t understand why Google News shows blog posts from people who need to watch 60 Minutes to learn about candidates’ weaknesses. That’s not freakin’ news, that’s just some idiot with an internet connection. This is worse than when they were auto-populating Xinhua and IRNA at the top of every list.

Man but this world just keeps getting stupider.


  • bkdunn

    Yikes. I just realized I mentioned BYU and then Mitt Romney in successive posts. I’m turning so transparent…


  • Rahul Kanakia

    Agreed, anyone who’s read a single article about Mitt Romney ought to know that he did not serve in Vietnam and has changed his views on a variety of issues since campaigning for national office. To me, that’s not particularly problematic (but then, I don’t really require my politicians to have strongly held beliefs, in fact it kind of scares me when they do.)

    Mitt Romney falls squarely into that category of candidates called “Rich businessmen who have proven that they are good at running things and don’t particularly care about most of the hot-button issues that everyone else does,” that includes people like Mark Warner and Michael Bloomberg. Which is fine by me.

  • bdunn02

    I’m also not sure I understand the significance of homemakers giving more money to Romney. Everyone’s getting money from someone, right? I guess in lieu of anything interesting to say we can talk about *that*. See, *this* is why not having TV is a good thing. And why I miss the old-time internet where only libertarians bothered to say anything…