Viva Estonia

Oh, granted, it’s a Radio Free Europe interview with a US-friendly politician, but still, I loved the frankness and candor of Estonian president Toomas Hendrik here.

(I was also intrigued that one of the interviewers was named “Chalupa”.)

E.g.: “Russian relations with Ukraine and Georgia were fine until they had democratic revolutions.” Plus he references Orwell, which can only be viewed as a positive.

I need to come out with my Top 5 Most Evil World Leaders list soon. Maybe next week…


Also, while I’m in a Vlad-bashing mood, I also enjoyed Garry Kasparov’s comments on Putin, e.g., “When I hear stories about a new Cold War, I’m laughing because the Cold War was always based on ideas. Putin’s only idea is: ‘Let’s steal together.'” Classic.