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Iraq Cost-Benefit Analysis and Net Present Value: The Only Reason to Be For or Against Continuing the War

I’ve been watching the PBS series Carrier, which follows the USS Nimitz through a Persian Gulf deployment in 2005 (note: this post was written a while back). One of the things that’s most striking is how the crew splits up in terms of their views on the war. Also striking is how neither side’s opinion

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US War Deaths per Day by Conflict (War, Battle) and How Iraq Compares

These should be in order chronologically and it’s admittedly a little weighted toward the Pacific Theater of World War II. In case you don’t want to read to the bottom, Iraq: 3,973 deaths in 1,806 days, 2.2 deaths/day. Event US Deaths Duration Deaths/Day Lexington & Concord (Revolution) 50 1 day 50.0 Estimated death count (US

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Viva Estonia

Oh, granted, it’s a Radio Free Europe interview with a US-friendly politician, but still, I loved the frankness and candor of Estonian president Toomas Hendrik here. (I was also intrigued that one of the interviewers was named “Chalupa”.) E.g.: “Russian relations with Ukraine and Georgia were fine until they had democratic revolutions.” Plus he references

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