Anyone Want to Review an Outline for a WWII Novel?

Cuz I got one that’s “finished”. Not perfect, but I could stand to get some other eyes on it. LMK if interested — thx.



  • Game Dame

    Please define “review” and “outline” and what kind of WWII expertise is needed. Between my husband and my two other writer friends (one’s even published!) I’m used to filling this role. (Would you like to see my resume? Ha ha. Hoo.) However, I also know from experience that I need to have very specific parameters for what is to be reviewed.

  • bkdunn

    I’ve never actually managed to do an outline before let alone get anyone to review it, so my expectations are pretty modest. I got a short abstract and summary, character summaries for main characters (probably too brief), 19 pages of outline, and another 11 pages of an early (but pretty polished) draft of Chapter 4. Mostly, thought, I just need someone (or someones) to look at the outline itself. I’d like to see if anyone sees some different possibilities or identifies different weaknesses or has ideas on how to make it hold together better.

    I don’t think any WWII expertise is needed (I mean, it wouldn’t *hurt*, but…). Reading through the outline, there are some areas where it feels the story goes slack, the ending isn’t well supported, and I’m guessing I’m missing a couple chapters toward the end of the book. So, you know — I want validation or repudiation of what I think are problems or strengths and, if possible, some ideas to help get me thinking about how to address any of the issues that may exist.

    Man that’s vague. Let me know if I should write a better spec.

    It’d be awesome if you have the time and patience to take a look at it.


    (PS, I think the USPS delivered my copy of Watchmen to the wrong house…)