Movie Review: The Caine Mutiny

Best Feature: I find 1940s women attractive — unfortunately, there was only one woman in the movie.

Biggest Question: Was the source material as facile as this?

Most Horrifying Truth: There were a lot of similarities between Captain Queeg and several people I’ve seen try to navigate leadership situations.

Too Long By: 90 minutes — or else too short by six hours.

Haiku Synopsis:

Through a mutiny

A young ensign learns to love:

Beautiful girlfriend!

Grade: 3/10.


  • Game Dame

    Okay here is where our movie synchronicity diverges. To be fair, I read the book first and I thought it was much better.

  • bkdunn

    So you — *liked* the movie…? It seemed like there was an awful lot of the story left out or alluded to. Some parts seemed like they portended to some potentially interesting tension and drama, but then got glossed over as the script raced to cram all its intended content into the two-hour run-time. I dunno. Plus everyone is so black-hat/white-hat.

    And I think our synchronicity already got forked over Wall-E anyway… 🙂