Ways in Which the US Has Become More Fascist in My Lifetime

Fascism = “the welfare of the state is more important than the welfare of the individual”.

  1. Seatbelt laws.
  2. Patriot Act.
  3. Airport security.
  4. Airport closures for “suspicious comments” (and exploded batteries).
  5. Homeland security.
  6. DUI checkpoints.
  7. Helmet laws.
  8. Mandatory waiting periods.
  9. Car seat laws.
  10. School attendance requirements.
  11. Having to register with your driver’s license in order to buy Sudafed.
  12. Marijuana busts by helicopter.
  13. Real ID.
  14. Social Security identification for newborns.
  15. Neighborhood speed bumps.
  16. No Child Left Behind
  17. Tax refund IOUs.
  18. Increase in paramilitary police units.
  19. State-enforced smoking bans in private establishments.
  20. No-knock warrants.
  21. Sorbanes-Oxley maybe.

Note: this isn’t a particularly serious piece of research or anything. But I still think I’m probably right. And I’m probably missing several major instances. Meh.



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