Welcome to Your New Prison, Americans!

In case you somehow missed the news, as of today you’re no longer allowed to leave the United States without a passport. Previously, other countries might have required a passport in order to enter them, but as of now (well, this morning), your government decides whether you’re allowed to leave its jurisdiction.

More here.

Y’know, the Soviet Union started with good intentions. For that matter, so did the German Democratic Republic. I mean, sure, their politicians wanted all the power for themselves, but so long as they kept their populace safe, secure, and somewhat fed, who could mind?

Please wake up.



  • Erin

    I thought you could leave without a passport, but you can’t come back without one. I guess that doesn’t make any difference. Freedom!

    • bkdunn

      That’s exactly the thing that changed. It used to be that you were free to leave, but not necessarily to come back. Now you can only leave if they decide it’s okay to let you out.

  • telkontar

    I can walk across the border or float on a river that crosses the border with or without a passport. Just watch me.

  • telkontar

    The tone of your commentary often reminds me of conversations I have had with another Dunn male.

    Mrs. Telk

    PS — I am referring to your father, not your brother.

  • bkdunn

    I’d assumed you were talking about one of my nephews. Oh well. (You going ad hominem here?)

  • telkontar

    Just an observation — outrage over the loss of freedom due to some government action seems to be a shared topic of complaint