Home Renovation Gantt Chart


  • Roberta

    It’s too small to read. But, I am intrigued. Lot’s of blips, like a sideways echocardiogram.

  • Danley Wolfe

    I looked up keywords “gantt chart kitchen remodel(ing) Lewis Center Mt. Vernon Ohio” and found this wonderful example of a gantt chart for planning the remodeling work …. just what I needed from the kitchen remodeler we hired but didn’t get. We went with this remodeler based in Mt. Vernon Ohio who claimed to do precision restoration and remodeling of all types – we went with them because the chap that came out seemed very knowledgeable and asked all the right questions on the structure and mechanicals. And my wife liked better than bigger and more professional outfits who sent out marketing types not contractor types to discuss the job. Lordie meee…. !! My wife and I are not experienced at remodeling although I am a PhD chemical engineer and have been heavily involved in engineering, procurement and construction of major petrochemical projects in the US and around the world, e.g, $1.2 billion aromatics complex in Singapore. A top to bottom gutting / kitchen total kitchen remodel requires coordinating the work tasks and a plan from start to finish; it requires a contract that includes scope, cost, schedule and requirement for change orders. The job was poorly planned from the beginning; really shabby amateurish drawings of the remodel plan making it impossible to understand what it would look like; totally ignoring clear documentation of change orders, need for rework; poor communication on progress, changes, timing, schedule. Lesson learned is the owner needs to do a really throrough job of setting out the objectives, planning and job execution requirements. Be very wary of good-ol’-boy nice talking tradesmen and steer towards professionally managed outfits with great references.

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