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Describing the Carl’s Jr.-Hardee’s Line

If you’re not aware, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are owned by the same company. As such, you don’t find both restaurants in the same market. It’s hard to say how they’ve determined who gets what market in some cases. Obviously there’s historical precedent (Carl’s originated in California and had mostly California stores until some time in the 90’s, frex), but in the areas where neither chain had much of a presence… yeah, it’s like they just drew a line.

Movie Review: District 9

Best Part: The first hour — nice occasional squickiness and the reveal of the backstory was, like, *interesting*. Biggest Question: Did the dude really think that he’d just fly up to the alien’s ship, get his hand fixed, then fly back home where everything would just be back to normal? Too Long By: 30 minutes.

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The Grapes of Wrath: Book Report

The *truly* impressive thing is that I finished it. Good: Steinbeck writes very cleanly. Probably a useful depiction of a slice of life during the Great Depression (although… well, see below). Makes me glad I wasn’t a destitute farmer in (fictionalized) California during the 30s. Bad: I swear there were blocking problems everywhere in this

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My Current Simulated Entertainment Bender

Over the past 10 days I’ve gotten hooked on two different multi-player Internet simulation games: AirwaySim — It’s an airline simulator. I have two airlines going. Just recently, SwampAir became the airline transporting the most passengers through its home base of Orlando and now has a daily nonstop to Manchester, UK. Dog Food Airlines, on

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Movie Review: Prince Caspian

Best Part: When the Lion-Christ jumped forty feet across a ravine in order to break the dude’s neck, then awakened His tree army to go out and kill millions of soldiers who, like all soldiers, weren’t fighting for “the cause”, but rather for the guy next to them. Biggest Question: When the pink minotaur was

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