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Movie Review: Terribly Happy

Movie Synopsis: Danish remake of Hot Fuzz reinterpreted as a psychological, noirish thriller.

Why I Watched: Because Netflix said that users like me rated it 3 1/4 stars. Which is really high for users like me. (I gave it 3.)

Biggest Question: Why is it so hard for lower-budget movies to maintain consistent facial hair length from scene to scene? Just put the trimmer on 6 and use it every morning before shooting. Man.

Second Biggest Question: How can any town in Denmark be *that* remote? The whole country is the size of my fist, ergo people shouldn’t be able to hide anything from anyone there.

If the movie were a restaurant, which restaurant would it be?: A one-off shack in a far away place that you visited once and where you really liked the one thing that you tried there, but they only serve that dish on Wednesdays.

Best Part: The interior sets made Denmark look like East Germany or worse (meaning better).

Worst Part: Really inconsistent morals that took center stage frequently even though they sort of didn’t amount to anything functional. Or maybe I just don’t “get” Denmark.

Bearable or Unbearable: Oddly bearable.

And also: Just because the town bully tries to engage you in a drinking contest, that doesn’t mean you have to go along with it.