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This Missouri Compromise, Move Day 3 (Dodge City to Terre Haute)

I didn’t make any compromises in Missouri. Unless just not stopping is considered a compromise. Come to think of it, I *did* come to a complete stop on the 270 (freeway north of St. Louis) a few times, but that was just because of traffic. And there was a ’94 Corolla that just about compromised the front end of my truck — that was also near St. Louis.

Got out of Dodge (har!) around 7, bought gas in Olathe, Kan., then again in Greenville, Ill. Mileage is off a little bit (15 and 16), but still, I’m averaging 16 for the trip and if you had told me a week ago I’d be getting 16 mpg pulling a fully laden trailer, I’d have been, you know, pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a photo I took since photos make everything better:

Although maybe not this particular photo so much.


  • I think crossing Kansas is probably more interesting than crossing Nebraska. It’s a low-set bar, yes, but in Nebraska everything’s awful until you hit Lincoln. In Kansas, things start getting a little greener and hillier around Hutchinson, which beats Lincoln by over a full degree of longitude, ergo Kansas ftw.
  • 742 miles total.
  • There seems to be a Pabst Blue Ribbon-drinkers convention going on at the Days Inn in Terre Haute tonight. Possibly also tomorrow, I’m not sure.
  • Driving through Southern Illinois is more pleasant than driving through northern. It’s like an extended remix of eastern Kansas and there’s no rat’s nest of under-construction tollways to navigate.
  • And it’s looking like I’ll be able to finish the trip without having paid a single toll.
  • Missouri’s a pretty state to look at from the freeway..
  • Except that I-70 from Kansas City to St. Louis is choked with semi-trucks. They dissipate once you hit St. Lou, but till then, man!

And now there are only 7 1/2 more driving hours till I reach the job site. Hopefully I can get water, power, and gas activated on Friday.