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My Old Condo Is For Sale

Speaking of places I used to live, the place I used to live, from 2000-04, is for sale:


Mission Viejo Condo Kitchen

My old kitchen in all its glory (except that it’s yellow now).

Asking price is only $100K less than I sold it for in 2004. Ouch. From the signs on the windows in the photos on the Redfin listing, I’m guessing it’s also been through foreclosure and auction. Looks the exact same as I left it though — except for the new wood floors and fresh paint. Kind of sad, yet kind of reminds me that it wasn’t really that nice of a place to begin with. I still have strong recollections of the upstairs neighbors inviting their large extended family over so all the kids could race from one end of the (wood-floored) unit to the other while I was trying to work downstairs. Again, ouch.


Biking through the Marguerite Triangle

There’s this one spot on Marguerite Parkway where, when heading southbound, my bike’s speedometer just stops working. All instruments register zero. They don’t blink, just — the speedo stops recognizing that the bike is moving. Only happens the one direction and not the other. Between La Barca and Olympiad.

It’s pleasantly unnerving. And I suppose it’s more of a line segment than a triangle.