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New Year, New Robot Friend

Look at him go!:



  • My carpets get reasonably vacuumed without me doing anything beyond pressing a button.
  • Doesn’t try to talk to the TV.
  • Finds corners I didn’t think it could find.
  • Quietest vacuum cleaner I’ve ever heard.
  • Doesn’t break when it hits a wall.
  • Has a gentle soul.


  • Seems aloof, doesn’t respond if called.
  • Does not dance or sing on command.
  • Doesn’t remember where walls are.
  • Goes off in odd directions for no apparent reason; can be frustrating to watch.
  • Won’t clean toilets.

This is one of the best gadgets I’ve ever bought. It, like, vacuums floors without me having to do anything. I’m going from vacuuming once a year (that’s not a joke) to doing it a couple times a week. I mean, you know, “doing” it.