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I Went to Costa Rica This Summer; It Wasn’t That Great, but Here Are Some Photos

At first it seemed like it would be a cheap, easy way to see whether I could be a productive person while spending time in a foreign country. Then the car rental got involved ($80/day, most of which is revealed once you get there), then it turns out there’s not really all that much to do there and the Internet is sometimes flaky. Also, my Spanish isn’t very good. But anyway. Here…
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That One Time I Went to New River Gorge and Didn’t Tell Anyone about It

Because it’s such an embarrassing place to visit. I don’t even think it’s the highest bridge-over-gorge situation in the US, let alone the world. It may never have been. I don’t remember, though, because it was 2+ years ago. It’s near Beckley, W.V. I took these pictures while I was there. I’m going to type another sentence right here, otherwise WordPress won’t make it look like there’s anything worth clicking through on….
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