Revisiting Places Where I Used to Live: Twin Falls

Driving up to Boise to see the Modest Mouse concert in September gave me keen opportunity to drive through Twin Falls, a place where I used to live. Hence the post title. I also drove through Rupert, where I lived for like a week before moving to Twin (as the locals call it). In Rupert, I *think* I found the building where I worked for that week — the former headquarters of SafeLink Internet. In Twin… somehow I didn’t get around to finding the low-income apartment I used to live in. But I found the gas station where my closet-office was. (I did not go inside.)

Here’s the money shot of the bridge going over the Snake River Gorge, near where Evel Kenievel (sp, whatever) failed.

  • I felt nothing going through here. I remembered some of the street names, but beyond that, it felt like Any Other Mountain-West Town.
  • Like, I remember having strong (non-positive) feelings about this place when I lived here.
  • OTOH, there’s a lot of new retail in town.
  • And, in general, it didn’t seem like such a bad place (to drive through and not necessarily live in).
  • I was here on a french fry odor day, which was nice.
  • Also, the amount of construction on I-84 was remarkable.
  • Memories didn’t exactly come flooding back when driving through Rupert, either.

^^ The freeway in Idaho looks like this (except in spots where there are cones everywhere).