If I’m Paying to Get These Channels, Why Do They Still Have Commercials?

Because it’s BS, that’s why. The cable industry sucks and needs to be brought down. I should be able to pay to get any video content I want without having to also accept freakin’ commercials at the same time. Every sporting event should be available for live streaming HD download to my TV at a reasonable price.

There, I said it.

And it’s amazing how well the Discovery Channel has perfected the art of cramming four minutes of content into a 41-minute run time (packaged around 19 minutes of commercials). Someone’s going to Hell for that.



  • Game Dame

    “Going” to hell? I think you have the tense wrong, my writer friend. I think they are already there and broadcasting onsite. It’s really the only explanation for most of that nonsense. Which is pretty much why we DVR anything that means anything to us. Not only do we avoid all the interruptions, but it makes the content that much faster to zip through — or decide to bail on.

    It may seem a non sequitur but I do have a question which actually does have some relevance, have you by any chance read “Watchmen”? Just finished reading it at Ken’s urging. Would be fascinated in your take on it.

  • bkdunn

    Haven’t read it (should I be replying via *your* blog?!). Is that the graphic novel Watchmen? Never read any graphic novels, but have plenty of people who tell me I should, so I probably ought to give it an honest shot.

  • bkdunn

    Awright, it’s on its way. We’ll see how it goes, although I should warn that I’m on a four-novel streak of giving up within 50 pages. 😉

  • Game Dame

    I do that all the time. Life’s too short to feel obligated to read crap just to see if it gets to be better crap. And my reading list is WAY too long to waste my time with books I’ll hate when I’m finished. This one, however, I read non-stop for 2 days. I’m still cogitating on it. I’m annoying Ken with all my questions and theories and musings. I won’t say it’s on my top 10 favorite books (too dark) but it definitely is one of the most thought-provoking, big-themed books I’ve read. And if you get to page 50, you’re near the end of it anyway. 😀