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Newspapers Must Die!

I wrote this on some other site regarding trying to save the New York Times and obviously impressed myself: This seems like a classic case of Clayton Christensen’s “disruptive innovation” overwhelming a traditional business model. An old-school enterprise has to maintain its old-school practices in order to keep its reliable cash cow alive. As soon

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Fear Mongering Sucks

Really? On edge? The entire world?   Interestingly, in the previous issue, the Economist, the most influential “newspaper” in the world, demanded that the US House pass the $700B bailout. Now? Not sure it’ll work (so tremble in fear you morons).  And how is it that the media now views falling oil prices as bad

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How Many Things Can You Find Wrong with This Article?

Teed-off pro golfer who killed hawk in Orlando area apologizes Here are the problems I found (from top of the article to bottom): That being convicted of “killing a migratory bird” is punishable by up to a year in prison. The quote: “It’s just senseless when people kill wildlife when they are doing nothing but

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