Bkdunn.com Top Posts of 2010

Here were the ten most popular posts on bkdunn.com in the year 2010, which thereby richly deserve recognition. I’m omitting the counting numbers because it makes the whole blog seem pathetic.

  1. Do-It-Yourself TV Stand and/or Entertainment Center Part 1: Plans and Stuff to By – It’s a crappy entertainment center, but that title is such tasty search engine bait. How could Google resist? How could someone looking for “diy entertainment center” resist? (I’m omitting parts 2-4 from this list; they’d occupy spots 2-4 if I included them. Because it’s kind of a crappy entertainment center. It’s falling apart even as I type. It probably didn’t deserve to make the move.)
  2. US War Deaths by Day by Conflict (War, Battle) and How Iraq Compares – More good SEO-bait in the title, but at least this time it’s sort of a worthwhile article. Gives some perspective and all. Korea was way worse than anyone gives it credit for.
  3. More B-52 Photos, By Request (Plus a Couple Pics of AMARG) – SEO-centric title, yep. And, fwiw, the post delivers as promised. The photos look warm.
  4. My First Red Egg and Ginger Party – Turns out other non-Chinese people also don’t know what gift is appropriate at one of these (money in a red envelope is the right answer).
  5. Getting Closer: My Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Table Project So Far – The title was not written to impress you, it was written to impress an algorithm. Algorithms have no soul (I don’t think). And right now the table is in the garage holding up my compound miter saw.
  6. Spooky Gulch, Peek-a-Boo Gulch, and Dry Fork Hike – Yeah, it’s probably a hike everyone should go on in their lifetime (unless they’re claustrophobic or exceptionally wide-hipped).
  7. Elwha Valley, Humes Ranch Loop, and Goblin Gate (A Six-Mile Hike) – I’ve posted less-read articles about much more interesting hikes. Goblins Gate is cool, but the rest is a tree prison. Hopefully those that read the post last year now understand as much.
  8. Trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park(s?) – The follow-on post about General Sherman and General Grant was immediately below this one in the rankings, but it’s sort of the same post, so not included. Big trees, much snow, many photos. Well — a *few* photos.
  9. Planes of Fame Air Show 2009: Old Planes in the 909 – I went to this air show. It’s a lot better than you’d expect an air show in Chino to be. Many WWII-vintage planes in the air.
  10. Gantt Chart for My Home Renovation Project (in Pittsburgh) – Yeah, so I didn’t really keep to the schedule, unfortunately. If I had — just, wow.

And for what it’s worth, here were the top five images viewed. These only count if they were viewed as a separate page, which probably only usually happened if they were found through Google or Bing image search.

  1. Ford Tri-Motor Interior – It’s a photo of the interior of a Ford Tri-Motor (passenger) airplane located at the Evergreen Aerospace Museum. It’s a nice photo. I’d want to look at it.
  2. Gantt Chart – It’s the Gantt Chart from above. Not very photographic, but it gives the appearance of having planned.
  3. P-40 Warhawk Flying Tiger – From the same collection as the tri-motor above, only this one has a drip pan!
  4. Trigger Finger Splints (1) – Way better than Trigger Finger Splints (2). It shows off my trigger finger splints.
  5. Forbes Field Outfield Wall – And now I see this wall *every* *single* *day* (unless I don’t go to school, in which case I don’t see the wall).

So now you know and, assuming that knowing remains half the battle, that makes this useful.



  • kayemcee

    I’ve had a great time reading your woodworking and DIY posts (and, yes, it was the DIY entertainment center that lured me in). I love that you’re honest about the pitfalls along the way and don’t pretend everything goes smoothly because, uh, that’s been my totally noob-y experience also. It’s just a lot less intimidating for someone like me to read that there will be problems and perhaps regrets, instead of “Oh hey, look at this media unit I built over the weekend yeah it went fine it’s being featured in Dwell next month, blah blah.” Anyway, thanks! Your blog is terrific.

    I have a couple of questions, if you have a moment?

    1. You say the entertainment center’s already falling apart. But it looked so sturdy! And you clamped for so long! And there were wood screws and good quality hardwood! So, was it the glued-together top planks? What failed?

    2. What’s the difficulty with wood dowels you mention on the kitchen table plans? Is it lining them up, assessing the depth of the holes needed, or just everything? I know I haven’t enjoyed working with them on crappy flat-pack furniture assembly, but I’ve never tried them on anything built.

  • bkdunn

    Thanks for posting!

    1. The glue has worked fine (on the entertainment center, not so great on the table). Problem has been with the screws on the corners; they won’t stay tight for anything.

    2. I don’t even remember. I think the problem was that everyone online said to use some sort of, like, flat disk thing instead of dowels and I don’t have a flat-disk-drilling attachment for my drill, so I skipped it. In retrospect, I should have just drilled dowel holes. I don’t know.

    The entertainment center is still in use, but I’m not going to be surprised to be awoken one night by the sound of my television falling off of it. If I come into some money and time, I might replace it with $700 worth of Ikea cabinetry. We’ll see if it happens…