Custer’s Last Stand, My First Stop

Which is a little misleading in that I stopped in Chicago and spent the night at my brother’s place, then stopped the next night in Spearfish, So. Dak. and stayed at my other brother’s place. I also stopped at some gas stations, some fast food restaurants, and bought a new tail light off of Amazon.

First stop as a tourist.

The battlefield is like a battlefield. Some plains, a hill, a nice cemetery, and memorials. This one is interesting from the standpoint that the side that won the battle got to write most of the content even though the memorial is administered by the losing side’s parks service. About half of Custer’s army was born in Europe. And I’m wondering, after they killed their horses in order to give themselves something to take cover behind, how much optimism remained among Custer’s troops.

Custer's Last View (might have looked different then).

Also: There were a lot of bikers in the area. I guess the Sturgis thing started over the weekend. If you’re 70 years old, I’m not sure that wearing a jolly Roger bandanna makes you bad ass. Not entirely sure is all.


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3 Responses to Custer’s Last Stand, My First Stop

  1. CK Dunn says:

    The soldiers were waiting and holding out for their relief, which ended up helping Reno, who was in a pickle of his own. Poor horse, the lone survivor. Someday the victors will finish that statue of Crazy Horse — someday!

  2. Argosinu says:

    That CKD post reminded me of history I had forgotten. Thanks, dude! You rock! [The horse facts; Reno I remembered.]

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