Fear Mongering Sucks

Economist Cover Everyone’s Going to Die

Really? On edge? The entire world?

 Economist Scares People for No Good Reason

Interestingly, in the previous issue, the Economist, the most influential “newspaper” in the world, demanded that the US House pass the $700B bailout. Now? Not sure it’ll work (so tremble in fear you morons).

Oil Prices Rising, Hooray!

 And how is it that the media now views falling oil prices as bad and rising oil prices as good? Didn’t that used to run the other way around? Like two weeks ago?

 Everything Is Terrible, Run In Fear

“Plunge”, eh? Nah, that’s not editorializing, sensationalistic, or overtly alarming for the sake of generating reader interest.

All People Are Unemployed!

How about this for a headline: “Recessions Are Normal and Cyclical” and then as a sub-head “Similar economic figures seen five years ago” (And “careening”?! Why is this one “careening”?!)

De-regulation Is a Disaster?

The article’s premise is that deregulation — and not monkeying with monetary policy — caused the current recession. And that the way to fix bad government is with more government. Newsweek delenda est. And no, they don’t deserve italics.

Why You Should Barricade Yourself in Your Foreclosed-On House

Although the article talks about how what really happened is that most people didn’t realize that the economy was tanking when, in fact, it was — that’s not exactly how the headline link comes across.

Krisis um dein Geld!

Although, to be fair, everything sounds calamitous in German.

People who profit from inciting fear should be hung from their skin. Probably. And we certainly never pulled crap like this when I was at sportsTALK*.


* = Just the 2000-01 parts.

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