The Black Canyon of the Gunnison Is Really More of a Dark Russet Color

One of the primary goals of this summer’s road trip was knocking off a couple of theretofore unvisited national parks. Black Canyon of the Gunnison: knocked off (now). It’s one of the newer national parks and, common with other newer national parks, it’s not quite Yosemite or Yellowstone. It’s sort of like a much smaller, darker colored Grand Canyon to the bottom of which you cannot readily hike. I mean, you can do it, but you’re supposed to be rock climbing-capable. Anyway. It’s one of those parks, much like Grand Canyon or Bryce, where mostly all you’re doing is driving around the one park road and stopping at pull-outs to verify that, yes, there’s still a canyon down there. But smaller and less dramatic.

Here are pictures.



One of the two photos was taken at a pull-out called “Pictured Rock”. See if you can figure out which one!

It’s a pretty canyon and based on what some ranger said, the river is a technical one to have to navigate. They also have a “nature walk” there that’s like a 3-mile out-and-back. I went on it and, along the way, took this photo.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nature Hike

The photo is more interesting than the hike.

It was one of those nature walks where there’s a pamphlet that tells you what’s so awesome about everything. Except that on this one “everything” was mostly just junipers and pinyon pines. I mean, sure, awesome, but I shouldn’t have to walk around for an hour in 95-degree heat just so you can tell me about it.

Anyway, this is probably a national park best visited in the style of Clark Griswold. A couple good head-bobs and you pretty much have the gist of it.