South Sister Near Green Lakes

Oregon Tourist Hike II: Green Lakes Hike

Next up on the Bend-area tourist hike agenda was the Green Lakes hike that, somewhat predictably, leads to Green Lakes. This would be the longest hike my dog had ever attempted. Would she make it?

Whatever, here’s a little commentary and some photos from the hike.

Started at the Green Lakes Trailhead (!). The hike follows Creek of Angry Badger Fall Creek and offers good views of Broken Top and South Sister before eventually arriving at a massive backcountry campground (22 sites!) around the Lakes of Froggish Talus Green Lakes.


Trailhead warning:

FWIW, she was on-leash the one time we passed by a ranger.

That one was of Fall Creek. I think this next one is South Sister.

This is what the trail looked like after we crossed a bridge and the creek was on the left side instead of the right.

I think this is Broken Top. We’ll see if the ol’ blog ever gets enough traffic that someone bothers to correct me.

I think we were basically at the Lakes of Green at this point:

Definitely by this point:

Anyway. We did it as an out-and-back hike. A lot of the trail is exposed, and my dog has a pretty warm coat. About a hundred yards from the trailhead and in view of the parking lot, she found a shady spot, laid down, and refused to go any further. So I got to carry her the last hundred yards.

She was tired when we got back to the AirB&B.

It’s a really pretty hike. As with everything in Bend, it gets crowded though. As with every hike that gets crowded, it was good to have gotten onto the trail by 8 AM so that at least the out-leg offered a little wilderness solitude.

Also, this would be a great place for an easy overnighter/basecamp situation. Some day maybe.