Oregon Trails: Road-Tripping with the Corgi

The dog does not like being stuck in the car for hours at a time. Legitimately, my goal for this summer is to find a way to get the dog to ride in the car in relative comfort and happiness without sitting on my lap. Mal sehen.

Last summer, we took a long road trip to the northwest, first heading to Bend, the up to see the parents in T-Town, then coming home by way of Red Lodge, Mont. where I was thinking of buying a rental property before I saw how awful and over-priced they all were even before accounting for the exorbitant charges levied by the management companies.

So: westward ho, etc.

We (I) took some sort of scenic route that went by way of John Day (a town). The mountains in eastern Oregon were pretty enough (shrug).

Although the plains and small towns (not pictured) were pretty forgettable.

We stopped somewhere and learned about timber railroads or something.

In Bend, we stayed at a dog-friendly AirB&B, which was an interesting experience. The host had a dog and there was another guest there who had another two dogs. The other humans didn’t like that Aela, sensing a power vacuum, attempted to seize power by eating all the other dogs’ food.

My dog is sort of full of herself sometimes.

Actually the host was chill about everything, just the other guest was kind of eesh.

Fortunately, the host made a lot of good recommendations in terms of hiking trails and restaurants. Bend is pretty dog-friendly, and something like two-thirds of the restaurants have dog-okay dining areas (most of them were outdoors and on patios). Aela behaved herself pretty well at these, which was a little surprising. She seems to behave best in the least familiar situations.

OH also. I was kind of looking at buying a rental property in Bend, but that place doesn’t have the infrastructure to support its population, which made it a no-go. Also the prices. It was very cool otherwise, just: infrastructure, prices.

By infrastructure I mean roads. The plumbing and electrical grid seemed okay.