A Couple Days around Tahoe in the Spring

You know, there are people out there who own and maintain blogs for the purpose of building an audience and making money. I do it mostly to make fun of my future self, I think. Or maybe to enable future self to make fun of past self. Whatever. I’m sure there’s mocking involved.

The dog and I pulled up to an AirB&B in Truckee. Was hoping to do some walks in the Sierras, but the strong winter they had there did a pretty good job of eliminating a lot of possible hiking routes.

I’m bored with this post already.

The dog has been acting funny all day today. It might be because of the wind storm going on, but she’s handled wind storms before. Nope, that’s still boring.

Screw it, we’re going haiku.

Snowcapped Sierras
Hide frozen paths to explore.
Man, this is boring.

At the recommendation of our kind AirB&B host, we went on this hike:

Went from the green circle on 267 up to the view, a daring 1.7-mile (each way) adventure through the frozen wasteland of north Tahoe. Trail was fine until the turnoff to the view, at which point it was snow-covered and otherwise fine. There were other footprints.

Here’s how it turns out when I try to get the dog into a selfie with me:

The way back down:

Later that day, Aela peed on the AirB&B’s kitchen floor. She was a little intimidated by the host’s dog I think, which is kind of unusual for her.

Next day, we went on a different hike to Sagehen Lake? Creek? Basin? Something. It was an easy hike. Here are obligatory photos.

On the way back, we stopped to look at one of the two places where the Donner Party died.

It’s a picnic area now, which seems, you know, like a subtle yet surprisingly effective attempt at dark humor by the State of California.

And then the next day we drove eight hours on actual lonely roads until we got home. I did most of the driving.

Thank you for co-experiencing this blog’s existential crisis with me.