Kitzbühel at Christmas

Springtime in December for Austria

Plus a hearty acknowledgement that I’m posting this more than a year after it happened. I shrug.

After the conference, the conference in 2019 (here), I thought it’d be fun to extend my trip into a Euro ski vacation, despite the fact that I’ve written multiple notes-to-self with the instruction that I should never (again) try to turn ICIS into a vacation. Anyway. I had never been to Austria as an adult, never skied in Austria as an anything, and it’s just not that long a train ride from Munich to Kitzbühel.
Whatever. Kitzbühel is a great little town, really easy to be in. Traveling solo is kind of dumb, and I’d like to think that the solo-for-lack-of-options period of my life is over. Mal sehen. Christmas time, so Christkindlmarkt and all that. People speak a ton of English there, although the locals’ German wasn’t at all bad to understand. Not any worse that Bayerisch.
Kitzbühel at Christmas Kitzbühel Cemetery
Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel
The skiing: gorgeous, but not a lot of snow. Then eventually foggy and rainy. I went for a total of two days. It only cost 53 Euros/day although the resort has roughly infinity lifts, (almost) all of which have heated seats and bubble covers. And they’re all high-speed. I should’ve taken more photos of infrastructure.
Austria was easy, cheap, good. Would go back.