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Fear Mongering Sucks

Really? On edge? The entire world?   Interestingly, in the previous issue, the Economist, the most influential “newspaper” in the world, demanded that the US House pass the $700B bailout. Now? Not sure it’ll work (so tremble in fear you morons).  And how is it that the media now views falling oil prices as bad

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The case against the bailout (or a case): I suppose the upside of all this is that at least the presidential election is starting to focus on things that matter. Of course it doesn’t help that both candidates agree on the same mid-bellcurve policies of failure. Oh well — maybe next time. Political failure

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Happy V-J Day

One of the most compelling, uh, *things* (good word, bk!) I found to help understand the war experience was this PBS-compiled collection of WWII artwork (paintings, some sketches) completed by people who were actually there: They Drew Fire You couple this collection with some first-hand accounts and I think you’d probably be 80% of the

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