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This Week in Security Theater

Saw this sign at the Long Beach airport on my way up to Seattle over the weekend: First off, I’m glad that the TSA is finally getting around to their most important assignment: self-preservation through public relations. Otherwise known as scaring people into thinking that they’re still relevant. I love these accomplishments, though. System wide,

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Definition of Fascism

The definition of “fascism” has gotten pretty squirrely since Benito Mussolini coined the term to define his governing principles. The current street definition seems to be something along the lines of “stuff that someone else does that I don’t like”. The definition drift seems unfortunate — its core definition is something that, IMHO, needs a

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Iraq Cost-Benefit Analysis and Net Present Value: The Only Reason to Be For or Against Continuing the War

I’ve been watching the PBS series Carrier, which follows the USS Nimitz through a Persian Gulf deployment in 2005 (note: this post was written a while back). One of the things that’s most striking is how the crew splits up in terms of their views on the war. Also striking is how neither side’s opinion

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Ways in Which the US Has Become More Fascist in My Lifetime

Fascism = “the welfare of the state is more important than the welfare of the individual”. Seatbelt laws. Patriot Act. Airport security. Airport closures for “suspicious comments” (and exploded batteries). Homeland security. DUI checkpoints. Helmet laws. Mandatory waiting periods. Car seat laws. School attendance requirements. Having to register with your driver’s license in order to

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Newspapers Must Die!

I wrote this on some other site regarding trying to save the New York Times and obviously impressed myself: This seems like a classic case of Clayton Christensen’s “disruptive innovation” overwhelming a traditional business model. An old-school enterprise has to maintain its old-school practices in order to keep its reliable cash cow alive. As soon

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