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Happy VE Day

So I got another two hours left for this headline to remain valid. May 8th, Victory in Europe Day. Hope yours was a happy one. In the spirit of the day: Favorite WWII European Theater of Operations Book: Up Front, Bill Mauldin Favorite WWII ETO Movie: The Great Escape or Das Boot Favorite WWII ETO

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US War Deaths per Day by Conflict (War, Battle) and How Iraq Compares

These should be in order chronologically and it’s admittedly a little weighted toward the Pacific Theater of World War II. In case you don’t want to read to the bottom, Iraq: 3,973 deaths in 1,806 days, 2.2 deaths/day. Event US Deaths Duration Deaths/Day Lexington & Concord (Revolution) 50 1 day 50.0 Estimated death count (US

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Deeper Into Another Cult: Happiness Is a Warm Springfield ’03 Bolt-Action Rifle

Pluses: Is actually from World War II. Vintage. Awakens ghosts. Has a bolt action! Spent shells sound cool as they fly onto the ground. Grants me libertarian Second Amendment cred. Endears me to rednecks. Is very loud. Teaches you what a “magazine cut-off switch” does. Holds up to five rounds. Cool Springfield Armory logo and

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Alligator Creek, Sans Alligators

I’ll start with the video this time. It’s actually compressed. Then if you’re interested, you can get my amateur historical synopsis. VIDEO (Quicktime, 4.7MB): Alligator Creek [amateur historical synopsis] Essentially at the far western end of Red Beach is Alligator Creek, which is actually the Ilu River and is known to historians as the site

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So my recent fascination with WWII has resulted in the site’s new appearance. Hopefully it’s offending all the pacifists out there because, clearly, I love war and consider it the answer to all of life’s problems. Especially alcoholism. I’m also planning a trip to the Solomon Islands — no joke — so I can go

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